How to Buy a House

There are may aspects to consider when you first start thinking about buying a home and Chantelle can help you with all of these:

First Step: Mortgage Pre-Approval

If you do not have a preferred bank Chantelle can introduce you to a mortgage broker who would work hard to get you the lowest rate. This part of the process is not very difficult, you can get an idea of how much you would be approved for over the phone to start and then you have an idea of how much you would like to spend on the home.

Second Step: Narrowing Down Your Search

Now its time to think about what area of the city you would like to live in, North, East, South, West. If you are unfamiliar with the city or any areas, Chantelle can help educate you on all of the pros and cons of each area of interest, for you individually. Do you like newer homes or older character homes? How close do you need to be to public transportation, schools, shopping, etc? What price range would you like to stay in between? How large of home? Do you prefer Bungalows to Two Stories or Bi-Levels to One Stories? Do you want a home that requires little or no work to be done or are you looking for a property to spend some time fixing up?

Third Step: Looking At Homes

Once we have narrowed the search down, now it is time to start viewing homes. There are many aspects to consider at this point as far as what parts of the home have been upgraded or what parts may need to be upgraded at some point in the future. Chantelle can answer all of these questions for you and make sure that you are aware of all of the minor and large details to help you make your decision.

Fourth Step: Writing The Offer

Now that you have chosen a house and all of your questions have been answered in terms of details of the home and you are satisfied, it is time to sit down and write an offer. Chantelle would have done an evaluation on the home by now to determine a good offering price. You need to decide which possession day would be ideal for you as well. Also at this time, you decide which conditions (home inspection, condition for financing, etc,) you would like to include in the offer. Each condition will be explained at this point as well as all of the fine details of the offer. Once the offer is written Chantelle deals with all of the negotiations on your behalf.

Fifth Step: Offer is Accepted

Now that you have an accepted offer the only thing you have to think about is packing and getting ready for the move! All of the work is left up to Chantelle as far as getting the offer to the Lawyer and the Bank to ensure that the conditions are satisfied in a timely manner.